[MPK Gatto Scratchers] Divano Protettore, Mobili Protettore, Graffiatura di Gatto di Bordo, Graffiatura di Gatto Giocattolo

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  • Giocattoli Tipo: Corde
  • Materiale: sisal
  • Tipo: gatti

The cat is happy, sewn to the sofa, now on the floor do not fall off the sofa. Let's see if the mats will fall off

  • 5 / 5

The design is dull, from one edge is sewn one piece of Velcro, from another second, if they are folded a pipe, and here the sofa is not clear, so that it was kept on him, too, you need to put on Velcro, bullshit

  • 2 / 5
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